No frills





When we went looking for somewhere to hold our wedding reception, there was no question that it was important to us to choose somewhere with warmth and ambience.  I am not a fan of overly decorated rooms or anything too frou frou, and I wasn’t interested in somewhere that needed to be ‘dressed up’.  I’ve always loved restaurant receptions (probably my favourite wedding was one held at a winery restaurant down south in Yallingup overlooking the Indian Ocean – complete with a cheese buffet to fuel the late-night dancing).

Our guest list (while not particularly long) eliminated for us some venues that were plainly not going to be large enough.  In other venues, there were features that immediately didn’t suit (bright blue carpet in one, a non-responsive function coordinator in another).  In the end, we settled on the first place that we visited, an intimate restaurant at the bottom of a hill right on the river.  We haven’t decided exactly how we want it to look (and my fingers are crossed that it’s not a sweltering December night), but right now I’m liking the sound of some exposed light bulbs and long tables lined with thick linen and low, loosely-arranged posies.

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