Over the weekend


IMG_0817 IMG_0810



IMG_0820 IMG_0823

After a jam-packed weekend, by Sunday night I felt a little bit like I needed another weekend to recover. For someone who sells time for a living (and bills in six-minute intervals), I have developed an unfortunately keen sense of minutes passing by all too quickly. No matter how many promises I make to myself about keeping weekends largely free for relaxation, Mike and I have agreed that “plans seem to find us”. I can’t complain though, it means I get to catch up with people I love.

Here are a few snaps from a couple of weekend outings, from the top: LUMINOUSnight, commemorating the centenary of my old uni, UWA, and the opening of the Perth International Arts Festival. We stopped by late on Friday night to see it all lit up and full of life. Angove St, North Perth where Mum and I went for fresh juices at Metrio & Co in between wedding dress appointments. Dessert date at Wild Fig Cafe, which incidentally made the papers the following morning over the Paul Tonich review incident – a reminder to think twice before posting a review online, and before responding to a bad review by making fun of the reviewer. Eeeek.



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