Monthly Archives: April 2013

Weekend bits

What is becoming of me – I am posting pot plant pictures on my blog?  I am a garden person?  It seems so.  In recent weeks, Mike and I have been cultivating a little kitchen garden in the back courtyard, complete with dill, parsley, coriander, basil and chilli, as well as a lemonade lemon and a potted magnolia (which is not for the kitchen, but is beautiful nonetheless).  It is so handy having fresh, often-used herbs on hand in our back garden, and all the greenery has warmed up the little outdoor space.  I’ve got grand plans for more courtyard landscaping in the future (but not all at once, who knew that gardening is expensive?).



Long in advance, I had planned to take a day of leave today which, with the public holiday yesterday, has meant a lovely (super) long weekend. And just in time, following a particularly stressful couple of working weeks.  Highlights of the weekend so far have included Anzac Day breakfast at Hobart Deli (below), a few more wedding tasks ticked off the list, a playful afternoon with my nieces Emily and Lucy, a great gym session (what?) and a little Friday night dinner at Burgermeister (I die for their peanut butter choc shakes).  Looking forward to what the next half of this weekend holds.





Just a minute in … March


I know, it’s April!  But I missed my chance last month and I like writing up these little posts so let’s for a moment pretend it’s March.

Reading … the most recent edition of Kinfolk magazine (which I can’t seem to find anywhere in Perth, sigh).  Constant drool.

Looking … for bridesmaid dresses.  Choosing clothes other people have to wear is not at the top of my most favourite things list.

Joining … the gym!  It’s time to get healthy and fit (and I’m not going to lie, maybe lose a few).  New workout gear (including sneakers with pink shoelaces) hasn’t hurt my motivation.

Loving … the beautiful collection of fonts above (found here), this amazing watch, getting in the mood for winter dressing with The Sart, watching back-to-back old episodes of Silk, and hot cross bun dinners (I realise this last one is entirely inconsistent with the previous point – please don’t judge).


Everyone talks about always being so busy all of the time, and I have to say, I find myself saying the same thing a lot these days.  Between work, home, family, friends and keeping healthy, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of unplanned time squeezed into life.  This long Easter weekend has been a huge relief.  The end of March saw my work review (and budget) year come to a close, and I felt like I hadn’t seen my family in too long.

Mike and I spent the weekend seeing loved ones, spending time in the fading summer sun, eating (a lot), sleeping in, getting little jobs done around the house (including adding a few new household purchases) and generally enjoying the long stretch of free time.  It was lovely.



Because a post is not a post without images, some shots from our recent dinner at Gordon St Garage.  I highly recommend the roast beetroot salad … and the entire contents of the sweets cabinet.