Just a minute in … March


I know, it’s April!  But I missed my chance last month and I like writing up these little posts so let’s for a moment pretend it’s March.

Reading … the most recent edition of Kinfolk magazine (which I can’t seem to find anywhere in Perth, sigh).  Constant drool.

Looking … for bridesmaid dresses.  Choosing clothes other people have to wear is not at the top of my most favourite things list.

Joining … the gym!  It’s time to get healthy and fit (and I’m not going to lie, maybe lose a few).  New workout gear (including sneakers with pink shoelaces) hasn’t hurt my motivation.

Loving … the beautiful collection of fonts above (found here), this amazing watch, getting in the mood for winter dressing with The Sart, watching back-to-back old episodes of Silk, and hot cross bun dinners (I realise this last one is entirely inconsistent with the previous point – please don’t judge).



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