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Weekend bits




I returned to work this morning following the weekend break one refreshed and diligent lady (boss was happy).  Sometimes weekends are like that (most times weekends should be like that but sadly sometimes are not).  Some highlights included:

  • Flowers for the house from Mt Lawley (where I always buy flowers because there is just nowhere else that is better).
  • Sunday breakfast at Cantina with my love.  Mike’s breakfast was amazing and mine was sadly not.  I am pretending the hard poached eggs didn’t happen to me so that Cantina can continue to be one of my favourite restaurants in the city.
  • An afternoon with this little miss below.  Lulu ordered a nutella crepe, raspberry macaron and strawberry milkshake for lunch (and got through not even half of each of those things).



Happy weekend


I am enjoying my first Nespresso coffee of the weekend, made with love by our brand spanking new and beautiful machine (aka, newbestfriend).  Here’s to a weekend of birthday celebrations (for friends), visiting family, and the last bit of autumn sunshine breaking through the clouds.

Above – view of Scarborough beach from West Coast Highway.

PS I have just come across Grill’d‘s online nutritional panels which show that in fact their burgers really aren’t that much of a heart attack on a plate (my favourite burger, the Tuscan Delight, contains 2460 kJ).  This makes me retrospectively relieved, considering we had a little Grill’d date last night.  Then there’s the chips …

Home improvement

duckeggblue120    oldviolet    paloma120    ParisGrey

Living in a not-so-big space as we do has many benefits (importantly, less floor space means less surface area to keep clean), but it comes with its challenges.  One of those is carving out enough storage space for two lifetimes’ worth of belongings.  We have done well so far (and we have three bedrooms to divide between two people, so really shouldn’t complain).  However, we have noticed that the two “spare” bedrooms are a little under-utilised, and so we have devised a little scheme to put things right.

There will be a rearrangement of existing furniture, and hopefully, a new tall chest of drawers making its way into spare bedroom 2/ study/ all-purpose room.  With another (existing) chest of drawers, we plan to bust out the paintbrushes and give it a colour makeover.  But for us, this definitely does not mean a weekend of sanding, priming and painting a couple of coats on the timber beast (because who has time for those things).  This is because, with what I might say are some pretty deft Googling manoeuvres, I have discovered the wonder that is Annie Sloan chalk paint.  This magic paint, if you will, purports to be suitable for painting right onto the surface of furniture with little to no prep work.  I plan to try out Ms Sloan’s tricks on our old chest and, hopefully, blog about what I hope will be some pretty darn fantastic results.  Now to decide between Duck Egg Blue, Old Violet, Paloma or Paris Grey …

Pass me the celery

I know it’s more important to be healthy and active, but is it so bad that I hope this little gym escapade will produce some visible results?  I have to admit, over the past month or so of becoming a 3-4 times a week gym person (what?), I do feel stronger and I have significantly more energy.  I also don’t feel like I’m putting my body under strain by climbing up a flight of stairs at the train station anymore (which literally used to happen, and which is completely wrong for a 28-year-old woman with no known medical problems).


I’ve enlisted a couple of colleagues at work to keep me away from the snack box and the inevitable birthday/child’s birthday/anniversary/I-made-too-much cake that usually floats dangerously near to my desk.  I’ve also cleared out my personal snack area and replaced said unacceptable snacks with exotic-smelling herbal teas and less-than-500kj Weight Watchers bars.

After only a month, this new regime has me generally feeling a lot better about myself and the way I treat my body.  Although Mike will wholeheartedly vouch for the fact that I haven’t curbed my potato chips addiction on weekends and I find it increasingly difficult walking past the Nutella aisle at the supermarket.  Sigh.  You have to live a little, no?

Just a minute in … May

IMG_0866 19-38-17

Eating … brunch at Typika in Claremont (above) with Gem after the Zara Bryson car park sale last Saturday.  (And drinking coffee from a new local, Milk and Paper, which is nice, but maybe I am a little dark about paying $5 for a 12 ounce cup just because I’m buying it out in the ‘burbs.)

Reading … the New Yorker online, just until my hard copies start making welcome weekly appearances on my desk.  If I can’t be in New York City, at least I can read about it on a weekly basis.

Wishing … for a Nespresso machine.  And my Mum back from overseas.

Getting … excited and nervous about my next wedding dress appointment.  Hopefully my calico is being made as I type, and I will be able to resist talking about it to Mike for the next seven (seven!) months.