Pass me the celery

I know it’s more important to be healthy and active, but is it so bad that I hope this little gym escapade will produce some visible results?  I have to admit, over the past month or so of becoming a 3-4 times a week gym person (what?), I do feel stronger and I have significantly more energy.  I also don’t feel like I’m putting my body under strain by climbing up a flight of stairs at the train station anymore (which literally used to happen, and which is completely wrong for a 28-year-old woman with no known medical problems).


I’ve enlisted a couple of colleagues at work to keep me away from the snack box and the inevitable birthday/child’s birthday/anniversary/I-made-too-much cake that usually floats dangerously near to my desk.  I’ve also cleared out my personal snack area and replaced said unacceptable snacks with exotic-smelling herbal teas and less-than-500kj Weight Watchers bars.

After only a month, this new regime has me generally feeling a lot better about myself and the way I treat my body.  Although Mike will wholeheartedly vouch for the fact that I haven’t curbed my potato chips addiction on weekends and I find it increasingly difficult walking past the Nutella aisle at the supermarket.  Sigh.  You have to live a little, no?



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