Life lately


A while ago I blogged about my plan to revamp an old chest of drawers that we have, using Annie Sloan’s no-sand, no-prime paint (above).  Well, the makeover is nearly complete and the drawers-in-progress are looking pretty lovely even if I say so myself.  Am waiting on a family of knobs which I hope is currently making its way to me from Abodent to finish the look (after which I will post pictures and hopefully brag about my newfound skills right here).

Life has otherwise been busy as always around these parts.  Below are some pictures taken last weekend: breakfast at Il Lido and an eerie coastal landscape near Cottesloe beach.  It’s hard to believe that we have hit the ‘cold’ season and the sky still looks like this.  I’ve been busting out the coats lately (because we leave the house before 6 am on weekdays, but mostly because I have a super low tolerance to the cold), but I feel that really it is a bit of overkill.  I miss the chilly London winter that I experienced during my year living there (although I definitely don’t miss the London summer).  But I suppose I can come to terms with a winter that looks like the pictures below.










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