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Weekend bits




I returned to work this morning following the weekend break one refreshed and diligent lady (boss was happy).  Sometimes weekends are like that (most times weekends should be like that but sadly sometimes are not).  Some highlights included:

  • Flowers for the house from Mt Lawley (where I always buy flowers because there is just nowhere else that is better).
  • Sunday breakfast at Cantina with my love.  Mike’s breakfast was amazing and mine was sadly not.  I am pretending the hard poached eggs didn’t happen to me so that Cantina can continue to be one of my favourite restaurants in the city.
  • An afternoon with this little miss below.  Lulu ordered a nutella crepe, raspberry macaron and strawberry milkshake for lunch (and got through not even half of each of those things).



Just a minute in … May

IMG_0866 19-38-17

Eating … brunch at Typika in Claremont (above) with Gem after the Zara Bryson car park sale last Saturday.  (And drinking coffee from a new local, Milk and Paper, which is nice, but maybe I am a little dark about paying $5 for a 12 ounce cup just because I’m buying it out in the ‘burbs.)

Reading … the New Yorker online, just until my hard copies start making welcome weekly appearances on my desk.  If I can’t be in New York City, at least I can read about it on a weekly basis.

Wishing … for a Nespresso machine.  And my Mum back from overseas.

Getting … excited and nervous about my next wedding dress appointment.  Hopefully my calico is being made as I type, and I will be able to resist talking about it to Mike for the next seven (seven!) months.


Everyone talks about always being so busy all of the time, and I have to say, I find myself saying the same thing a lot these days.  Between work, home, family, friends and keeping healthy, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of unplanned time squeezed into life.  This long Easter weekend has been a huge relief.  The end of March saw my work review (and budget) year come to a close, and I felt like I hadn’t seen my family in too long.

Mike and I spent the weekend seeing loved ones, spending time in the fading summer sun, eating (a lot), sleeping in, getting little jobs done around the house (including adding a few new household purchases) and generally enjoying the long stretch of free time.  It was lovely.



Because a post is not a post without images, some shots from our recent dinner at Gordon St Garage.  I highly recommend the roast beetroot salad … and the entire contents of the sweets cabinet.

Just a minute in … February

IMG-20130216-00014 IMG-20130216-00015

Loving having a new house mate (who also happens to be my fiancé).  Fiancés make the best house mates. 

Dreaming … of the Easter long weekend, and all of the sleep-ins, warm lazy days and chocolate bunnies.

Enjoying … spending time with this little one, my newest niece, baby Emmy.

Getting … used to 5:30 am wake-up calls and super early starts at work.  Moving my day forward a little means an earlier finish and a lot more productivity.  I should have thought of this years ago.

Eating … prawn bruschetta and merry berry smoothie at the Naked Fig while watching the waves roll in with my lovely friend Janie.  We are so lucky to live where we live, Perth is beautiful.

USA – In pictures


I’ve finally got around to uploading and reviewing our massive haul of photos from our trip to the US over the holidays. I have Mike to thank for braving the bitter cold (and sometimes, the snow) to take the vast majority of these snaps, while I kept my hands warm inside my gloves. Over two weeks, we visited San Francisco, New York City and Las Vegas (with a side trip to the Napa Valley). These are a small selection of images from our album.



We stayed with Mike’s family in San Francisco.  Rajah and Wael were the most warm and gracious of hosts, not only welcoming us into their home, but also being our own personal tour guides of their wonderful city. My favourite experiences in San Fran were, in no particular order: our drive through the Napa Valley on a gorgeous, sunny Californian winter’s day; our first all-American In-N-Out burgers (our first Stateside meal, in fact); shopping at midnight (it was just before Christmas); the view of the Golden Gate bridge from the top of a hill with the city lights in the background; my first basketball game.




To New York – one amazing, diverse, surprising, exhausting and unforgettable city. We walked what felt like the entire length and breadth of Manhattan, taking in the sights and stopping wherever looked interesting.

We found an amazing rice pudding shop (of all things) in Nolita, Rice to Riches, that we frequented three times in the space of 48 hours. I could live anywhere in the West Village (I loved Marc Jacobs’ own bookstore, Bookmarc, just opposite Magnolia on Bleecker in the Village). I experienced one of the best meals of my life at Marea on Central Park South.  And we had a pretty romantic Christmas day ride through Central Park.






The New York Public Library had one of the more beautiful Christmas displays that I saw (and we saw some cracker Christmas trees). We witnessed both classically elegant and innovative architecture all over the city, including at The Guggenheim, Grand Central Station and St Patrick’s Cathedral (where we visited on Christmas day).




We capped off the trip in Vegas, where we rang in the New Year with a huge tapas dinner and fireworks out on the Strip.  Vegas was a crazy, over-the-top city, and such a jarring departure from New York City.  The panoramic view of the canyons from our hotel suite was stunning, and sat in complete contrast to the bright, artificial light of the tourist district and the colourful, outrageous decor in the hotels.


This little trip was such a great way for Mike and I to round out 2012 and welcome in this new and exciting year. I’ll forever hold close my memories of our Stateside experience, and we have already promised each other that this trip won’t be our last.