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Just a minute in … February


Working … like, a lot.  March review month, I can’t wait until I have kicked you to the curb, along with your KPIs and silly deadline friends.

Looking … at our professional wedding photos over and over again, seeing new details and expressions each time I do.  I don’t think enough time has passed for me to look at the images objectively, without remembering the surge of emotion that goes with them still. Michelle Kiddie, you were a beautiful, calm presence on the day, for which we will be always grateful.

Prettying … up our spare room (now finally cleared of wedding paraphernalia) with a dotty doona cover and some pom pom cushions from Castle.  I would add pom poms (and dots for that matter) to everything right now if I could.

Eating … black cod miso and wagyu tacos at Nobu.  One of my bridesmaids, Rebecca, very thoughtfully gifted us with a voucher for our wedding, which we decided to put toward a first month anniversary dinner.  I didn’t love the decor but we both dug the food and the service was exceptional.

Browsing … a couple of lovely new blogs I have got my mitts on, Miss Moss and Amber Interiors.  At least they are (generally) non-wedding-specific, which is progress for this nuptial-addled brain of mine.  Anyone I (even vaguely) know to be getting wed in the next year is probably sick of my creepy fascination with all of their wedding stories.  Must learn to compose myself.


Life lately


A while ago I blogged about my plan to revamp an old chest of drawers that we have, using Annie Sloan’s no-sand, no-prime paint (above).  Well, the makeover is nearly complete and the drawers-in-progress are looking pretty lovely even if I say so myself.  Am waiting on a family of knobs which I hope is currently making its way to me from Abodent to finish the look (after which I will post pictures and hopefully brag about my newfound skills right here).

Life has otherwise been busy as always around these parts.  Below are some pictures taken last weekend: breakfast at Il Lido and an eerie coastal landscape near Cottesloe beach.  It’s hard to believe that we have hit the ‘cold’ season and the sky still looks like this.  I’ve been busting out the coats lately (because we leave the house before 6 am on weekdays, but mostly because I have a super low tolerance to the cold), but I feel that really it is a bit of overkill.  I miss the chilly London winter that I experienced during my year living there (although I definitely don’t miss the London summer).  But I suppose I can come to terms with a winter that looks like the pictures below.








Home improvement

duckeggblue120    oldviolet    paloma120    ParisGrey

Living in a not-so-big space as we do has many benefits (importantly, less floor space means less surface area to keep clean), but it comes with its challenges.  One of those is carving out enough storage space for two lifetimes’ worth of belongings.  We have done well so far (and we have three bedrooms to divide between two people, so really shouldn’t complain).  However, we have noticed that the two “spare” bedrooms are a little under-utilised, and so we have devised a little scheme to put things right.

There will be a rearrangement of existing furniture, and hopefully, a new tall chest of drawers making its way into spare bedroom 2/ study/ all-purpose room.  With another (existing) chest of drawers, we plan to bust out the paintbrushes and give it a colour makeover.  But for us, this definitely does not mean a weekend of sanding, priming and painting a couple of coats on the timber beast (because who has time for those things).  This is because, with what I might say are some pretty deft Googling manoeuvres, I have discovered the wonder that is Annie Sloan chalk paint.  This magic paint, if you will, purports to be suitable for painting right onto the surface of furniture with little to no prep work.  I plan to try out Ms Sloan’s tricks on our old chest and, hopefully, blog about what I hope will be some pretty darn fantastic results.  Now to decide between Duck Egg Blue, Old Violet, Paloma or Paris Grey …


Soon, Mike will move in and we expect there will be a few big shifts in our lifestyles and the way we spend our days.  I have a weekday routine that might be one of the things to undergo a change.  I usually leave myself enough time in the morning to get into the city a bit early, pick up a coffee on the way and (barring any work-related emergencies or early meetings) sit down at my desk to flick through a favourite site or two before getting into my emails.  A long-time favourite of mine is Design*Sponge.  This Sydney apartment from Design*Sponge is one I often come back to, and these images are saved to a folder on my desktop along with hundreds of other images of beautiful homes that inspire. 





No frills





When we went looking for somewhere to hold our wedding reception, there was no question that it was important to us to choose somewhere with warmth and ambience.  I am not a fan of overly decorated rooms or anything too frou frou, and I wasn’t interested in somewhere that needed to be ‘dressed up’.  I’ve always loved restaurant receptions (probably my favourite wedding was one held at a winery restaurant down south in Yallingup overlooking the Indian Ocean – complete with a cheese buffet to fuel the late-night dancing).

Our guest list (while not particularly long) eliminated for us some venues that were plainly not going to be large enough.  In other venues, there were features that immediately didn’t suit (bright blue carpet in one, a non-responsive function coordinator in another).  In the end, we settled on the first place that we visited, an intimate restaurant at the bottom of a hill right on the river.  We haven’t decided exactly how we want it to look (and my fingers are crossed that it’s not a sweltering December night), but right now I’m liking the sound of some exposed light bulbs and long tables lined with thick linen and low, loosely-arranged posies.

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