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Just a minute in … February


Working … like, a lot.  March review month, I can’t wait until I have kicked you to the curb, along with your KPIs and silly deadline friends.

Looking … at our professional wedding photos over and over again, seeing new details and expressions each time I do.  I don’t think enough time has passed for me to look at the images objectively, without remembering the surge of emotion that goes with them still. Michelle Kiddie, you were a beautiful, calm presence on the day, for which we will be always grateful.

Prettying … up our spare room (now finally cleared of wedding paraphernalia) with a dotty doona cover and some pom pom cushions from Castle.  I would add pom poms (and dots for that matter) to everything right now if I could.

Eating … black cod miso and wagyu tacos at Nobu.  One of my bridesmaids, Rebecca, very thoughtfully gifted us with a voucher for our wedding, which we decided to put toward a first month anniversary dinner.  I didn’t love the decor but we both dug the food and the service was exceptional.

Browsing … a couple of lovely new blogs I have got my mitts on, Miss Moss and Amber Interiors.  At least they are (generally) non-wedding-specific, which is progress for this nuptial-addled brain of mine.  Anyone I (even vaguely) know to be getting wed in the next year is probably sick of my creepy fascination with all of their wedding stories.  Must learn to compose myself.


Just a minute in … August

1dec154f105924d3b82e1157da8a7ae8Playing … with my new/ old vintage Polaroid camera.  Yes the film is expensive but I love every $4 photo that comes out of that thing.

Eating … our bodyweight in cake flavours from Sherbet.  It’s a tough job but someone has to make sure we don’t poison our wedding guests.  And not a fondant icing cake tower in sight.

Pinning … my little heart out on Pinterest.  Who knew it would be such a time sapping, distracting source of amazingness?  A must for anyone planning a wedding, a baby, a hair cut, or just about any other kind of person.

Loving … long, messy bobs (post wedding, obviously); skirts that stop just below the knee (so flattering); my very Nordic looking new Swedish Hasbeens; and wintery weekend nights in with my love.

Image here.

Just a minute in … July


Loving … anything Royal Baby George.  Princess Kate, I liked you before, I kind of love you now.

LemmingJennifer Behr‘s beautiful Gatsby-esque hair accessories (above), made by hand in New York City.

Eating … cauliflower and roast vegetable salads for lunch and fresh loaves of rye bread at home from Small Print Bakery & Roastery (and trying not to notice any of the home made caramel slices, misshapen muffins and banana bread that gets casually placed right near the cash register.  And sharing good Italian food with friends last night at La Lola.

Looking … forward to half of a weekend with Mike, before taking off for Sydney on Sunday morning (mainly for work, but I am also on the hunt for a pair of wedding shoes).

Just a minute in … May

IMG_0866 19-38-17

Eating … brunch at Typika in Claremont (above) with Gem after the Zara Bryson car park sale last Saturday.  (And drinking coffee from a new local, Milk and Paper, which is nice, but maybe I am a little dark about paying $5 for a 12 ounce cup just because I’m buying it out in the ‘burbs.)

Reading … the New Yorker online, just until my hard copies start making welcome weekly appearances on my desk.  If I can’t be in New York City, at least I can read about it on a weekly basis.

Wishing … for a Nespresso machine.  And my Mum back from overseas.

Getting … excited and nervous about my next wedding dress appointment.  Hopefully my calico is being made as I type, and I will be able to resist talking about it to Mike for the next seven (seven!) months.

Just a minute in … March


I know, it’s April!  But I missed my chance last month and I like writing up these little posts so let’s for a moment pretend it’s March.

Reading … the most recent edition of Kinfolk magazine (which I can’t seem to find anywhere in Perth, sigh).  Constant drool.

Looking … for bridesmaid dresses.  Choosing clothes other people have to wear is not at the top of my most favourite things list.

Joining … the gym!  It’s time to get healthy and fit (and I’m not going to lie, maybe lose a few).  New workout gear (including sneakers with pink shoelaces) hasn’t hurt my motivation.

Loving … the beautiful collection of fonts above (found here), this amazing watch, getting in the mood for winter dressing with The Sart, watching back-to-back old episodes of Silk, and hot cross bun dinners (I realise this last one is entirely inconsistent with the previous point – please don’t judge).

Just a minute in … February

IMG-20130216-00014 IMG-20130216-00015

Loving having a new house mate (who also happens to be my fiancé).  Fiancés make the best house mates. 

Dreaming … of the Easter long weekend, and all of the sleep-ins, warm lazy days and chocolate bunnies.

Enjoying … spending time with this little one, my newest niece, baby Emmy.

Getting … used to 5:30 am wake-up calls and super early starts at work.  Moving my day forward a little means an earlier finish and a lot more productivity.  I should have thought of this years ago.

Eating … prawn bruschetta and merry berry smoothie at the Naked Fig while watching the waves roll in with my lovely friend Janie.  We are so lucky to live where we live, Perth is beautiful.

Just a minute in … January

I’ve decided to take part in the Just a minute meme, following on from the examples of Daydream Lily and Aprons and Birds, to name but two.


Drinking … my daily morning coffee from Venn on the walk into work.

Listening … to the Triple J Hottest 100.  I think this year’s list was amazing, and I still can’t get enough of that Parachute Youth tune now, months after it came out.

Loving … the name of this little store (above) on Glyde St, Mosman Park, snapped by me during a little drive down to the river yesterday afternoon.  Oh, and the Australia Day public holiday.

Wearing … my engagement ring, and no other jewellery.  I kind of don’t think I’ll ever like another piece of jewellery more.

Looking … forward to a little Melbourne sojourn in a couple of weeks (purportedly for work, but I’ve got a few personal items on my agenda as well).

January 2013, you’re already just about gone.  This year is going to fly.