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Weekend bits

Happy Valentine’s weekend!  Here at our little house we celebrated our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple in the best way – firstly, I received a lovely bouquet of rose and lily blooms at work, and then Mike picked me up after work and we shared burgers in the park (where I gifted husband with a frisbee), followed by  a post dinner game of frisbee and a quiet night at home.  Later in the weekend, we also went along to our second Fringe Festival performance, where we both had our first bubble tea experiences (it was yum!), and then saw our friend Fozzy sing amazing and fun (and sometimes sad) indie pop songs with his community choir.  I also fit in some aunty/ niece time with my favourite little girls, a hair appointment, morning tea with Mike’s family and a Sunday screening of Wolf of Wall Street.  I kind of hated it (and all of the failures to comply with subpoenas really got on my last lawyer nerve), but I also kind of think that was the point.  I have tried to look past the debauchery and chauvinism and focus on the story telling and integrity of the film production, but I still just feel like I’ve spent three hours watching porn.  Pretty sure I just need a nice period drama to set me straight again.



Just a minute in … February


Working … like, a lot.  March review month, I can’t wait until I have kicked you to the curb, along with your KPIs and silly deadline friends.

Looking … at our professional wedding photos over and over again, seeing new details and expressions each time I do.  I don’t think enough time has passed for me to look at the images objectively, without remembering the surge of emotion that goes with them still. Michelle Kiddie, you were a beautiful, calm presence on the day, for which we will be always grateful.

Prettying … up our spare room (now finally cleared of wedding paraphernalia) with a dotty doona cover and some pom pom cushions from Castle.  I would add pom poms (and dots for that matter) to everything right now if I could.

Eating … black cod miso and wagyu tacos at Nobu.  One of my bridesmaids, Rebecca, very thoughtfully gifted us with a voucher for our wedding, which we decided to put toward a first month anniversary dinner.  I didn’t love the decor but we both dug the food and the service was exceptional.

Browsing … a couple of lovely new blogs I have got my mitts on, Miss Moss and Amber Interiors.  At least they are (generally) non-wedding-specific, which is progress for this nuptial-addled brain of mine.  Anyone I (even vaguely) know to be getting wed in the next year is probably sick of my creepy fascination with all of their wedding stories.  Must learn to compose myself.

Just a minute in … July


Loving … anything Royal Baby George.  Princess Kate, I liked you before, I kind of love you now.

LemmingJennifer Behr‘s beautiful Gatsby-esque hair accessories (above), made by hand in New York City.

Eating … cauliflower and roast vegetable salads for lunch and fresh loaves of rye bread at home from Small Print Bakery & Roastery (and trying not to notice any of the home made caramel slices, misshapen muffins and banana bread that gets casually placed right near the cash register.  And sharing good Italian food with friends last night at La Lola.

Looking … forward to half of a weekend with Mike, before taking off for Sydney on Sunday morning (mainly for work, but I am also on the hunt for a pair of wedding shoes).


Everyone talks about always being so busy all of the time, and I have to say, I find myself saying the same thing a lot these days.  Between work, home, family, friends and keeping healthy, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of unplanned time squeezed into life.  This long Easter weekend has been a huge relief.  The end of March saw my work review (and budget) year come to a close, and I felt like I hadn’t seen my family in too long.

Mike and I spent the weekend seeing loved ones, spending time in the fading summer sun, eating (a lot), sleeping in, getting little jobs done around the house (including adding a few new household purchases) and generally enjoying the long stretch of free time.  It was lovely.



Because a post is not a post without images, some shots from our recent dinner at Gordon St Garage.  I highly recommend the roast beetroot salad … and the entire contents of the sweets cabinet.

Uncle Joe’s

Last week, Gemma and I wandered down to Uncle Joe’s Mess Hall on King Street for a little workday lunch.  Uncle Joe’s has had a bad rap in recent times, but we wanted to see for ourselves what the fuss was about.  Gem and I both enjoyed a mix of the three salads that were available, in the peace and virtual solitude of Uncle Joe’s little corner at the end of an alley off the quiet end of King Street.  Despite the controversy, I dug the decor and the general vibe, and lunch was pleasant enough.  Good job Joe, I’ll be back.



IMG-20130301-00016 IMG-20130301-00018

Over the weekend


IMG_0817 IMG_0810



IMG_0820 IMG_0823

After a jam-packed weekend, by Sunday night I felt a little bit like I needed another weekend to recover. For someone who sells time for a living (and bills in six-minute intervals), I have developed an unfortunately keen sense of minutes passing by all too quickly. No matter how many promises I make to myself about keeping weekends largely free for relaxation, Mike and I have agreed that “plans seem to find us”. I can’t complain though, it means I get to catch up with people I love.

Here are a few snaps from a couple of weekend outings, from the top: LUMINOUSnight, commemorating the centenary of my old uni, UWA, and the opening of the Perth International Arts Festival. We stopped by late on Friday night to see it all lit up and full of life. Angove St, North Perth where Mum and I went for fresh juices at Metrio & Co in between wedding dress appointments. Dessert date at Wild Fig Cafe, which incidentally made the papers the following morning over the Paul Tonich review incident – a reminder to think twice before posting a review online, and before responding to a bad review by making fun of the reviewer. Eeeek.

Summerset Arts Festival

Gemma kindly reminded this morning that the Summerset Arts Festival 2013 is here!  The Summerset Festival is an initiative of the shire that I live in and incorporates fun and sometimes cultural events held all around my area.  Last year, Gem and I went to the Summerset edition of the Polka Dot Vintage Market, held right on Scarborough Beach not far from my home (I picked up a tweed blazer with velvet lapels).  We also try to go to Polka Dot at its usual residence, the Claremont Showgrounds, a couple of times a year.

This year the line up for the Festival looks really fun, including Cinema By The Sea, which is free and where you can see a few classic films as well as some local shorts.  I for one am looking forward to this year’s Polka Dot Vintage Market in two weeks’ time, which promises to be bigger and better than last year.

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