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Just a minute in … January

I’ve decided to take part in the Just a minute meme, following on from the examples of Daydream Lily and Aprons and Birds, to name but two.


Drinking … my daily morning coffee from Venn on the walk into work.

Listening … to the Triple J Hottest 100.  I think this year’s list was amazing, and I still can’t get enough of that Parachute Youth tune now, months after it came out.

Loving … the name of this little store (above) on Glyde St, Mosman Park, snapped by me during a little drive down to the river yesterday afternoon.  Oh, and the Australia Day public holiday.

Wearing … my engagement ring, and no other jewellery.  I kind of don’t think I’ll ever like another piece of jewellery more.

Looking … forward to a little Melbourne sojourn in a couple of weeks (purportedly for work, but I’ve got a few personal items on my agenda as well).

January 2013, you’re already just about gone.  This year is going to fly.


Come to Mama!


Along with a few friends from work, I visited Mama Tran this afternoon for this lovely big bowl of goodness.  Gemma (below) recently introduced me to Mama Tran’s poached chicken Pho (which I highly recommend) but today we both opted for the vermicelli chicken, which you will see from the photo below was slightly bigger than Gemma’s head.  Gem and I already have quite a few traditions that we like (including but not limited to: attending vintage fairs, going for frozen yoghurt and making up code nicknames for people), and I have a feeling Mama Tran will soon become a new one.

IMG-20130124-00007-1 rupe



Late on Friday night, Mike and I made a pit stop at 50mL in Leederville.  While he did a lap of the block I ran in to pick up the little lovelies above – carrot cake and a gluten-free chocolate brownie.  Awkwardly, I was the only one who ate my way through these during the course of the weekend.