Just a minute in … August

1dec154f105924d3b82e1157da8a7ae8Playing … with my new/ old vintage Polaroid camera.  Yes the film is expensive but I love every $4 photo that comes out of that thing.

Eating … our bodyweight in cake flavours from Sherbet.  It’s a tough job but someone has to make sure we don’t poison our wedding guests.  And not a fondant icing cake tower in sight.

Pinning … my little heart out on Pinterest.  Who knew it would be such a time sapping, distracting source of amazingness?  A must for anyone planning a wedding, a baby, a hair cut, or just about any other kind of person.

Loving … long, messy bobs (post wedding, obviously); skirts that stop just below the knee (so flattering); my very Nordic looking new Swedish Hasbeens; and wintery weekend nights in with my love.

Image here.


OPW (Other People’s Weddings)













Yep, I am into Other People’s Weddings.  I consider myself fully across the intricacies of Style Me Pretty, Green Wedding Shoes, Ruffled, Polkadot Bride and Snippet & Ink.  I am all over the alternativism of Rock n Roll Bride, Brooklyn Bride and Hello May.  I have a bunch of Perth photographers’ websites saved to my favourites, so that I can check in on local weddings from time to time (which helps with identifying suppliers whose work I feel an affinity for).

On my travels through wedding cyberspace, I have come across some nuptials that I return to over and over.  The above two, from one of my favourite (Australian) sites, The Lane, are complete winners in my book.  The first is an Australian wedding (Gabriel & Brady), the second hails from New York City (Anna & Andrew).  I think it was this detail that caught my attention in the first place, how rad to be married in NYC.  The thing I love about both of these weddings is that there’s nothing fussy about them, they are not trying too hard, but they are nonetheless both beautifully, elegantly perfect.


Last month I had to travel a couple of times for work, most recently to Sydney and also to China.  It was my second trip to China (the first, last year, also for work).  This time around was a lot less overwhelming for me, a lot warmer (we were last there during winter), and a lot prettier than I remember it.

We travelled to Guangzhou, in the humid Guangdong province of southern China, and then went by car to Zhongshan.  During this trip, we also drove around to Shenzhen, and then crossed the border by car into Hong Kong before flying home from there.  A couple of the pictures below show how tropical and green China can be in parts (away from the more dense industrial zones), something that surprised me.  My memories of my first trip were of a chilly, grey and thickly polluted city that felt very foreign and far from home.  I felt more aware of my surroundings this time around (I guess you always pick up new things when revisiting a place) and more comfortable with my knowledge of local culture and customs.





Contrary to what is implied by the photo of the caged snakes above, we ate really well at most of the places we were taken to while in China.  The Guangdong province is known for seafood and mild flavours, and I really enjoyed the whole steamed fish, dumplings and gelatinous desserts especially.  And yes, that is the minibar menu from my hotel room, which offered the option of purchasing paper underpants (in female and male versions, helpfully).

Just a minute in … July


Loving … anything Royal Baby George.  Princess Kate, I liked you before, I kind of love you now.

LemmingJennifer Behr‘s beautiful Gatsby-esque hair accessories (above), made by hand in New York City.

Eating … cauliflower and roast vegetable salads for lunch and fresh loaves of rye bread at home from Small Print Bakery & Roastery (and trying not to notice any of the home made caramel slices, misshapen muffins and banana bread that gets casually placed right near the cash register.  And sharing good Italian food with friends last night at La Lola.

Looking … forward to half of a weekend with Mike, before taking off for Sydney on Sunday morning (mainly for work, but I am also on the hunt for a pair of wedding shoes).

Wedding update

It has been forever since I have updated this little blog of mine.  What with work, wedding planning, a little trip overseas to China, family, friends and looking after our home, there is little time left for frivolous, fun things like blogging.  But here I am, and with a wedding update no less.

We have come a long way in the last month or two.  With roughly a year of planning between our engagement and the wedding, we experienced a bit of a six-monthly lull after all of the big things were locked in but before anything more detailed needed to be attended to.






Most recently, we have:

  • finalised the guest list;
  • ordered the stationery suite;
  • selected and ordered the bridesmaids’ dresses;
  • finalised our ceremony program; and
  • met with our priest, Father Michael, planned our ceremony together and completed our pre-marriage discussions.

Fingers crossed and touch wood and all the rest, there have been a couple of minor hiccups but nothing has proved particularly stressful so far.  It is a bit surreal spending so many hours planning one, albeit very special, day (one of what I hope are many special days) in our lives.  So I have enjoyed the way that this time has also focussed our discussions on what life will be like after the wedding, which is so much more important than the wedding itself.

Above: some beautiful work of Poppy’s, our wonderful wedding florist (taken from their Facebook page).

Life lately


A while ago I blogged about my plan to revamp an old chest of drawers that we have, using Annie Sloan’s no-sand, no-prime paint (above).  Well, the makeover is nearly complete and the drawers-in-progress are looking pretty lovely even if I say so myself.  Am waiting on a family of knobs which I hope is currently making its way to me from Abodent to finish the look (after which I will post pictures and hopefully brag about my newfound skills right here).

Life has otherwise been busy as always around these parts.  Below are some pictures taken last weekend: breakfast at Il Lido and an eerie coastal landscape near Cottesloe beach.  It’s hard to believe that we have hit the ‘cold’ season and the sky still looks like this.  I’ve been busting out the coats lately (because we leave the house before 6 am on weekdays, but mostly because I have a super low tolerance to the cold), but I feel that really it is a bit of overkill.  I miss the chilly London winter that I experienced during my year living there (although I definitely don’t miss the London summer).  But I suppose I can come to terms with a winter that looks like the pictures below.








Weekend bits




I returned to work this morning following the weekend break one refreshed and diligent lady (boss was happy).  Sometimes weekends are like that (most times weekends should be like that but sadly sometimes are not).  Some highlights included:

  • Flowers for the house from Mt Lawley (where I always buy flowers because there is just nowhere else that is better).
  • Sunday breakfast at Cantina with my love.  Mike’s breakfast was amazing and mine was sadly not.  I am pretending the hard poached eggs didn’t happen to me so that Cantina can continue to be one of my favourite restaurants in the city.
  • An afternoon with this little miss below.  Lulu ordered a nutella crepe, raspberry macaron and strawberry milkshake for lunch (and got through not even half of each of those things).